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Pure Keratin Reconstructing Shampoo - 1000 ML

Pure Keratin Reconstructing Shampoo - 1000 ML

Keratin Shampoo for Hair. If you have very damaged, brittle and thin hair.



The 1 liter Pure Keratin Repair Shampoo is ideal for damaged hair. Formulated with KEROXYNE COMPLEX technology, an exclusive blend of pure keratin, it gently washes the hair, improving its elasticity, resistance and shine.

The secret of the range lies in its Keroxyne Complex technology, the alloy of 2 keratins: pure keratin that creates keratin chains inside the hair for a resistant hair fiber (it is also the closest keratin present in human hair) and oxidized keratin which creates disulfide bridges between the keratin chains of the hair for healthy, voluminous and thick hair.



Apply a small amount of Pure Keratin shampoo evenly to wet hair and rinse thoroughly.



Your hair will be thicker, shinier, silky, stronger and more supple. For a better result we recommend prolonged use.



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