Frequently Asked Questions

As a professional, I am interested in how quickly I can receive an order.

Good morning, we process an order in 24 hours and ship the following day by priority mail, so that normally our customer receives the order within 3 working days.

Why in my May order almost all prices were lower, and now I see that they have gone up?

Good morning, it was true, during the period of forced closure of the coiffure salons, we wanted to help all private customers, those who usually went to the hairdresser, offering discounted prices. This was a way for us to make our humanitarian contribution in a difficult period.   With normal business resumes we simply brought prices back to normal standards.   If by chance you were a professional in the sector, please send your data to the following address:   We will activate a business account for you that will give you access to the prices and conditions for professionals.   Best regards

I am a reseller, we are interested in working with you, you can provide us with an email address where you can communicate further contact details, we would like to know what your conditions are and of course the prices reserved for us. Thank you

Hello, with great pleasure we will be happy to provide all the necessary information, is already structured for the management of B2B customers at multiple levels, retail, hairdresser, wholesaler, this allows our customers to carry out research, find commercial and technical information , know the official sale price and the price reserved for them as well as take advantage of our real-time logistics system.

Our conditions of sale are clear and simple and are available at the following address:    If you wish to gain access to the business area, please fill in the form at the following address, you will receive an email confirmation after a few minutes: . For any other information we are at your disposal at the following email address:   

We look forward to seeing you as a new member of our community with immense pleasure.   

Francesco Latino