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Hair Brand Code Zero

Tous les produits CODEZERO hair interpreters®

Tous les produits de la marque CODEZERO hair interpreters®.
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Oxydant for Code Zero Hair Color - 1000 ML

0,10, 20, 30, 40 vol. - All oxidants are enriched with plant extracts and active components to protect your hair and optimize the duration of the color.

Oxydant pour Code Zero Hair Color - 1000 ML

CHF. 15.00
Spray Dry Hair - Inside Potion - 200 ML

Leave-in spray conditioner to restore and nourish the hair is a treatment for dry, damaged and unruly hair. It restores lost moisture and rebuilds strength.

Spray Cheveux Secs - Inside Potion - 200 ML

CHF. 16.00
Shampoo Anti Hair Loss - Root Boost - 300 ML

is specifically developed to prevent hair loss. It is enriched with vitamins and amino acid complex.

Shampooing Anti Chute - Root Boost - 300 ML

CHF. 12.50
Code Zero Relax Conditioner - 300 ML

Conditions and hydrates dull and chemically treated hair is a gentle and moisturizing balm enriched with natural elements

après-shampooing - Relaxx - 300 ML

CHF. 11.50
Anti Frizz and Gloss Serum - Defrizzit - 125 ML

Anti-frizz and gloss serum Super glossy finish while eliminating frizz and repelling humidity. Apply a small amount to dry hair and style as desired.

Sérum Anti Frizz et Gloss - Defrizzit - 125 ML

CHF. 28.50
Sculpting pomade - Buff Up - 75 ML

Leaves hair non-greasy and light with exceptional shine. It separates the texture on short and wavy styles, sculpts and adds shine to long hair.

Pommade sculptante - Buff Up - 75 ML

CHF. 20.00
Hair Styling - Fiber Gum - Stuck Up

This fiber rubber is the perfect product for modeling because it allows you to manipulate any style while also managing texture.

Coiffant - Fiber Gum - Stuck Up - 75 ML

CHF. 20.00
Modeling Foam - Body Volume - 250 ML

Modeling foam to get the maximum volume of your hair. Ideal for drying with a hairdryer and creating the separation of curls.

Coiffage - Mousse Modelante - Body Volume  - 250 ML

CHF. 18.50
Oily Hair Shampoo - 300 ml - Code Zero Hair

Shift oil fights oily hair and scalp directly at the source, acting directly on the sebaceous cells that produce oil. It is a professional product.

Shampooing pour cheveux gras – Shift Oil – 300 ML

CHF. 10.00
Hair Styling - Gel Strong Spray - Fusion - 200 ML

Spray gel that creates, gives light and protects the hair from humidity and thermal problems. It creates incredible support for all styles.

Coiffant - Gel Strong Spray - Fusion - 200 ML

CHF. 21.00
Close Cuticles - Stabilizer pH 3.5 - 200 ML

No gas spray product with acid pH 3.5 able to close the capillary cuticles and favor the rebalancing of the hair before, during and after a technical treatment.

Fermer Cuticules - Stabilisateur pH 3,5 - 200 ML

CHF. 16.00
Hair Bleaching 9 Tones - Level Out

Drastic discoloration possibilities while respecting skin and hair optimally. No-dust bleaching powder with Oligosaccharides ß-D-Fructose.

Décoloration des cheveux 9 tons - Level Out - 500 GR

CHF. 43.50
Hair Styling - Moulding clay - Put Up

Moulding clay For strong definition with moldable hold. Twist hair, rake it through. Reform. Starts moist, dries to matte finish.

Coiffage - Pâte à modeler - Mettre en place - 75 ML

CHF. 20.00
Hair Spray - Finish Up Medium - 400 ML

Balanced formula adopted for every type and need of hair structure. Sculpt, volumize and fix in a natural and soft way.

Laque pour cheveux - Finition moyenne - 400 ML

CHF. 20.00
Hair Color Mask - 02 Lavender - Code Zero Hair

The pre-pigmented masks give shine, color locks, perform pre-pigmentation, in a simple and fast way.

Masque Coloré - 02 Lavande - 200 ML

CHF. 31.00CHF. 25.00
Hair Color Mask - C Clear - 400 ML

Gems C Clear to be used in combination with the desired color mask, in a variable percentage, to revive and enhance the desired color in a few minutes.

Masque coloré transparent  - C Clair - 400 ML

CHF. 31.00CHF. 25.00
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