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Alle Produkte der Marke Nika Hair Beauty Excellence®.

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Hyaluronic Acid Spray - Hyalu - 100 ml

Capillary Hydration Spray. If you have dry and dull hair, try this product with hyaluronic acid and diamond dust.

Hyaluronsäure-Spray - Hyalu - 100 ml

CHF. 31.00
Nika Reconstruction Shampoo 250 ml

Its Keroxyne Complex formula is ideal for repairing damaged hair. Pure Keratin repair shampoo is ideal for damaged hair.

Wiederaufbau-Shampoo - 250 ML

CHF. 22.50
Nika Hair Smoothing Shampoo - 250 ML

If you have frizzy and messy hair, if you want a shampoo to have your hair straight and in order.

Glättendes Shampoo - 250 ML

CHF. 22.50
Nika Oxydizer/Activator - 1000 ML

In addition to the NIKA coloring, range of activators in 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 volumes to choose according to the desired result.

Oxidationsmittel/Aktivator - 1000 ML

CHF. 15.00
Nika Timeless Blend Anti-Age Shampoo - Age Restore - 250 ML

Its exclusive Reborn Complex formula is ideal for dry hair, it gently cleanses. The 250ml Timeless Blend shampoo is ideal for dry hair.

Feuchtigkeitsshampoo - 250 ML

CHF. 22.50
Smoothing Spray Cream - Nika Extender - 90 ML

If you have frizzy hair, if you want to store your hair style for several days and if you want to protect and waterproof your hair.

Glättende Sprühcreme - Nika Extender - 90 ML

CHF. 37.50
Smoothing Conditioner - 250 ML

Smoothing Conditioner. If you have frizzy, untidy hair and want to straighten or simply eliminate frizz, nourishing your hair.

Glättender Conditioner - 250 ML

CHF. 25.00
Reconstruction Deep Conditioner - 250 ML

For brittle, damaged, thin, dull hair here is the new hair mask and conditioner are combined in one product, the new deep conditioner.

Wiederaufbau Tiefenspülung - 250 ML

CHF. 35.00
Curly Hair - Twisting Fluid - Styling Secret - 150 ML

Curly fluid that amplifies, controls and separates the hair strands, for results of maximum definition, elasticity and softness.

Lockiges Haar - Twisting Fluid - Styling Secret - 150 ML

CHF. 23.50
Smoothing Treatment - Nika Maximum

Professional Smoothing Treatment with Keratin. If you want straight, shiny, supple and frizz-free hair.

Glättende Behandlung - Maximum - 500 ML

CHF. 316.00CHF. 300.00
Anti Frizz Serum - Shimmer - 30 ML

One of the most prestigious anti-frizz serums on the market and the only one with 7 essential oils, new formula, contains seven oils and Color Guard technology.

Anti-Frizz-Serum - Schimmer - 30 ML

CHF. 37.50
Keratin Restructuring Treatment - K19

is a hair reconstructor that greatly reduces hair breakage, improves the shine of your hair and gives a more natural look to your color.

Restrukturierungsbehandlung - K19 - 500 ML

CHF. 285.00CHF. 219.00
Hair Reconstruction Spray - Nika Miracle

Hair Reconstruction Spray. If you have damaged, thin, brittle and dull hair, use this pure keratin hair reconstruction spray.

Haaraufbauspray - Miracle 2 - 100 ML

CHF. 35.00
Shampoo to Open the Cuticles - Nika Hair

Suitable for all hair treatments, it opens the cuticles and allows the products to enter deeper, this shampoo or increases the effectiveness of all treatments.

Offene Nagelhaut - Einmal waschen - 500 ML

CHF. 68.00CHF. 49.00
Nika Hair Reconstruction Conditioner

Pure Keratin Conditioner is an exclusive blend of pure keratin that gently detangles hair, improving its elasticity and softness.

Wiederaufbau-Conditioner - 1000 ML

CHF. 74.50CHF. 50.00
Deep Anti Aging Treatment - Radiance - 6x13 ML

The intensive anti-aging treatment (better known as Botox Capillary) for hair from 6 vials allows you to repair and heal dry, dull and frizzy hair.

Tiefenwirksame Anti-Aging-Behandlung - Radiance - 6x13 ML

CHF. 68.00
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