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Hair Care - Restructuring Treatment - K-19 - 500 ML

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Pure Keratin Treatment for Hair. If you have damaged, thin, brittle hair. This treatment rebuilds the hair structure with visible effects from the first treatment.



The K-19 Intensive Treatment is a hair reconstructor that greatly reduces hair breakage, improves the shine of your hair and gives a more natural look to your color. The result is visible from the first treatment.

The secret of the range lies in its Keroxyne Complex technology, the alloy of 2 keratins: pure keratin that creates keratin chains inside the hair for a resistant hair fiber (it is also the closest keratin present in human hair) and oxidized keratin which creates disulfide bridges between the keratin chains of the hair for healthy, voluminous and thick hair.

This intensive professional treatment is specially formulated for damaged hair. Restores extremely damaged hair from the inside out to make it stronger, more elastic and more sparkling from the first treatment.



Duration 40 min.

  1. Wash your hair once with ONE-WASH SHAMPOO.
  2. Blot with a TOWEL. Divide the hair into sections with Nika PIN SET and put on gloves. Apply 20 ml. (10 pumps) of K19 RECONSTRUCTING TREATMENT with the BRUSH starting from the nape, saturating and removing excess product.
  3. Use the Nika TURBAN and leave on for 20 min.
  4. Rinse and apply DEEP INTENSE MASQUE 250 ML or 500 ML, leaving on for 3-5 min.
  5. Rinse and proceed with the final drying, creating the desired crease.


  • Catalog and technical specifications (English) available by clicking here
  • Catalog and technical specifications (Français) available by clicking here
  • Catalog and technical specifications (Italiano) available by clicking here
  • Technical manual (Italian) available by clicking here 



Thicker and therefore stronger hair, shinier, a more intense color and a healthier overall appearance.



There is an article dedicated to this product click on the link below:



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  • I am concerned that too much keratin will result in dry or breaking hair , what do you recommend to work in conjunction with this product? And how frequently should this product be used on a head?

    The purpose of charatina is to naturally rebuild the structure of the hair, so using this product will lead to thicker and stronger hair. The decision of how many treatments to carry out depends on the current structure of your hair, usually only one treatment is enough to obtain excellent results, but for particularly damaged hair you can reach 3 or 6 treatments with an interval from one treatment to another 1 or 2 months.

    To guarantee the result, we recommend following all the steps and using the specific products of the K-Perfection range.

    To maintain the result, use shampoo and mask, once the hair is rebuilt it will be even harder and therefore the next step will be to hydrate with NIKA Age Restore.

    The result will be healthy, strong and shiny hair.