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Code Zero Towel Black - 100% COTTON

Code Zero Towel Black - 100% COTTON

Hair tablecloth. If you want to dry or pat your hair professionally you need a specially designed tablecloth to absorb quickly or pat your hair for semi-drying pre or post treatment.



The black cotton towel is ideal for performing various functions: hair drying, facial treatments, etc ... Guaranteed durability thanks to its high-end 400 gsm weight. Its dimensions are 50x100 cm, and it is washable at 40 ° C



It is used as a normal towel, but thanks to its thickness it is particularly suitable for towel drying the hair in fact for some services it is very important to be able to manage the right tamponade.



Dry hair quickly or thanks to the characteristic of this towel we can say: dry hair at the right point.


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