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Hair Styling - Shiny Wax - Styling Secret - 100 GR

Hair Styling - Shiny Wax - Styling Secret - 100 GR

Modeling Hair Wax. If you want to style your hair with strong hold and a glossy finish.



Soft wax, for defined results. Ideal for maximum enhancement of the details of any look. Gloss finish.

Gloss. What's better to emphasize the cut and shades of color? With Shiny Wax, you can pass on your safety to those who watch you, always making the right choice. The one that makes you shine in the middle of a thousand.



Distribute on slightly damp hair and let it dry freely or apply on dry hair to define the details.

  • Catalog and technical specifications (English) available by clicking here
  • Catalog and technical specifications ( Italiano) available by clicking here.



Desired look achieved with a fantastic gloss effect.



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