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Hair Care - Open Cuticles - One Wash - 500 ML

Cuticle Opening Shampoo. Suitable for all hair treatments, it opens the cuticles and allows the products to enter deeper, whether it is the color pigment, or a specific treatment, this shampoo or increases the effectiveness of all treatments.



One Wash shampoo is a preparation treatment that can be mixed with all protocols, but is particularly suitable for opening the hair cuticles. This particularity allows the active substances of the different treatments to penetrate deeply, guaranteeing an excellent result.

It can be used for all NIKA treatments and therefore also for coloring, allowing greater penetration of the pigments and sealing the cuticles with specific balms. Formulated with anionic agents, it removes styling product residues in a single wash and thoroughly cleanses the hair.



Spray some pressure on wet hair. Rinse thoroughly.

Technical data sheet and application click here (English)



The active ingredients of the treatment performed penetrate deeper, guaranteeing the result and duration.



There is a dedicated article "Opening hair cuticles with a specific product, a dream or a reality?" cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous:



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