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Beachspray - SALT & SAND - 250 ML

Beachspray - SALT & SAND - 250 ML

Wet Effect Hair Spray. If you want to get the wet effect like at sea, give volume or have a disheveled but trendy effect.



Salt & Sand is a salt solution spray that provides a beach effect and more. Have fun changing your style, from the wet hair effect, to giving volume if sprayed at the roots, from the disheveled but trendy effect to the wavy without volume.



  • Beach effect: spray on damp hair, combing it with your hands
  • Add volume: spray closely on the roots and push with the fingertips, preferably with the head down.
  • Tousled and wavy effect: spray at a distance of about 15 cm from top to bottom and dab with your hands.



Define your style, shiny or dull hair, messy as you like it.


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