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Hair Color - Pure Pigments - 60 ML

Hair Color - Pure Pigments - 60 ML

Hair color pigments. If you want to color your hair, if you want to pre-pigment, if you want to intensify the color with a high quality vegan product, if you want full coverage color if you are looking for a color that nourishes your hair rather than damaging it, if you want a wide choice of shades .



Pure Pigment Color completes the wide range of Vibrant Color colors. Contains intensive color pigments for optimal color results and increased brilliance. To be combined with permanent or semi-permanent coloring products, Pure Pigment Color offers various possibilities to customize and intensify the color shades in order to create an optimal chromatic result.



  • Find all the protocol and tips for re-pigmentation in this document (click here)
  • Find all protocols and advice for use in this document (click here)


Total coverage of white hair, possibility of making extreme colors without damaging the hair and scalp, shiny hair, bright, soft, healthy and beautiful colors.


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