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Kit for Hairdressers - Smoothing Treatment - PRO3

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Professional Straightening Treatment Kit for Hairdresser. If you want hair, straight for months, silky without frizz, without damaging the hair but rather moisturizing it and adding keratin.


Ideal for Hairdressers and Salons. 

Nika Fairy Silk Kit is a suite of keratin-based products with AMINO BOND COMPLEX technology, which allows you to have smooth and well-groomed hair for several months.

By purchasing the kit you can perform different treatments (the amount of treatments depends on the type and length of the hair).

This kit is a professional straightening treatment but also perfect for frizzy, dull and difficult to manage hair, widely used by professionals in the sector but easy to use even at home.

By purchasing the kit you will have a discount on the products and a free bowl and brush for the application.

  • Nika Maximum is the new professional smoothing treatment that guarantees unsurpassed performance for a sublime smooth silky effect that lasts up to 5 months. Thanks to the innovative SMARTECH FORMULA safe, reliable and 100% made in Italy, Maximum simultaneously guarantees a longer duration of the treatment and an even more surprising smooth silk effect.
  • Moisture Lock shampoo has a unique formula of amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin and active ingredients, specially designed to balance the pH level of the hair and protect it. The AMINO BOND Complex guarantees the protection of damaged hair and repairs it. This shampoo gently cleanses the hair, gives flexibility and guarantees a smooth and frizz-free result.
  • Deep Conditioner with Amino Bond Complex, a unique formula of amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin and active ingredients, to achieve a smooth and frizzy effect.
    After each application the hair appears smooth, bright, frizzy-free and easy to manage for over 3 months.
  • The extender cream is the first no-rinse anti-frizz treatment, it also extends all straightening treatments by 8 days. This smoothing cream new formula without rinsing is enriched with AMINO BOND COMPLEX, it is ideal for all hair types.
  • The shimmer one of the most prestigious anti-frizz serums on the market and the only one with 7 essential oils. The Shimmer anti-frizz serum, new formula, contains seven oils and Color Guard technology and is 100% Made in Italy.



1 X Nika Maximum Treatment 500 ML - NKFSP01060

1 X Nika Moisture Look Shampoo 1000 ML - NKFSP01040

1 X Nika Deep Conditioner 500 ML - NKFSP01070

12 X Nika Moisture Look Shampoo 250 ML - NKFSH01030

12 X Nika Deep Conditioner 250 ML - NKFSH01070

13 X Nika Extender spray 100 ML - NKFSH01060

13 X Nika Shimmer 30 ML - NKFSH01050


    1. Shampoo the hair with One Wash and pat dry
    2. Dry 80% without creating volume.
    1. Section of the hair. Wear protective gloves.
    2. Use 40 ml of Maximum. If necessary, adjust the quantity according to length and porosity.
    3. Apply the formula with a brush on the fine sections (about 2 cm wide), starting from the nape to about 6 mm from the roots, lengths and ends.
    4. Comb with a fine-toothed comb to distribute the product equally throughout the hair.
    1. Leave on for 15 or 30 minutes.
    1. Apply Extender, with particular attention to the tips.
    2. Dry 100% with a round brush.
    3. Go over the hair with Nika Curve Styler on thin strands of hair (about 2 cm wide):
      1. 185°C/370°F: 6-8 times on bleached, grey and brittle hair

      2. 215°C/420°F: 8-10 times on coloured, chemically treated hair

      3. 230°C/450°F: 10-15 times on natural, natural brittle, natural fine, resistant and afro hair

    1. Rinse with water and dab.
    2. Apply Enhancer Masque, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.
    3. Apply Extender and finish drying, modeling as needed.
    4. Seal and protect with Shimmer.




  • Apply a small amount of Moisture Lock shampoo to wet hair and emulsify. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation if necessary.
  • Deep Conditioner
    • After shampooing for a conditioner plus action, leave on for 2 minutes
    • After shampooing for a mask plus action, leave on for 10 minutes
  • Extender distribute evenly on damp hair. Proceed to styling.
    • Shimmer apply to damp or dry hair.



    Soft, velvety and shiny hair, without frizz, and a longer duration of any straightening treatment.



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