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Ecovex Xsaver N°2 - 600 ML

Ecovex Xsaver N°2 - 600 ML

Protective Hair Treatment. If you have damaged hair, or want to protect it from previous or future treatment.



ECOVEXX is an advanced professional hair system that protects and rebuilds hair during any other type of chemical hair treatment: coloring, bleaching, straightening and perm. An innovative complex composed of powerful, naturally derived active ingredients that act synergistically to prevent hair damage.

 Xsaver N°2

  • Post-treatment cream that defines the bonds created by Xsence N"1.
  • Gives extra nourishment and hydration making the hair soft and silky.



Evenly apply Xsaver N°2 in the quantity necessary to the length of the hair and leave on for at least 5 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and dry.

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Hair treated, restructured and protected, immediately after the treatment, a result that will allow you to get to the next treatment without being afraid of further damaging your hair, indeed if used with each treatment your hair will always be stronger and healthier.



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