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Anti Frizz and Gloss Serum - Defrizzit - 125 ML

Anti Frizz and Gloss Serum - Defrizzit - 125 ML

Anti Frizz Oil Spray. If you have problems with dry, frizzy, untidy hair and you are looking for a product with immediate effects.



Suitable for multiple uses and hair types, immediately visible effects. Defrizzit tidies your hair by eliminating the ugly frizz effect, restores shine to dull hair and elasticity. Thanks to its particular formula it nourishes the hair making it particularly soft and soft to the touch and therefore easy to comb. It also protects them from external events, such as sun, smog, chlorine and others.



Apply a small amount to dry hair and style as desired. It can also be applied to thick hair, in small quantities to damp hair for a shiny finish



Soft, neat, silky and shiny hair right away.


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