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Hair Color - Bleach 9 Tones - Extreme Lift - 500 GR

Hair Color - Bleach 9 Tones - Extreme Lift - 500 GR

Hair Bleaching Powder. If you want to bleach a hair quickly, without damaging the hair and scalp and if you want to get up to 9 lightening tones.



The new NIKA Extreme Lift powder provides lightening up to 9 tones! Enriched with a care agent, it protects and enhances the hair as much as possible during the service. Non-volatile and with a neutral scent, it is highly appreciated by hairdressers.



  • Apply to dry hair.
  • For whole head discoloration on virgin hair, apply 1 cm from the hair, starting from the nape of the neck. Once the back and front are finished, apply to the roots. In fact, the scalp creates a natural supply of heat, the roots discolor faster than the lengths.
  • On hair subjected to coloring / bleaching services, apply starting from the roots.
  • Avoid coming into direct contact with the scalp as much as possible.
  • It is preferable to perform a bleaching of the entire head on the scalp and hair washed at least 48 hours before the service is performed.

 Technical data sheet and application click here (English)

Technical data sheet and application click here (Italiano)




Desired hair lightening obtained easily and especially if it damages the hair or scalp, professional product.


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