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Balancing Shampoo - Balancer pH 2.5 - 1500 ML

Balancing Shampoo - Balancer pH 2.5 - 1500 ML

Colored Hair Shampoo. If you want to restore the pH of your hair after color, permanent or chemical treatments to help your hair restore itself after the treatment.



Its acid-cationic formula develops a strong de-alkalizing and detangling action. Balancer pH 2.5 eliminates the alkaline residues present in the scalp and hair after coloring, bleaching and perming, thus restoring the physiological pH of the hair and scalp. Its specific detangling and balancing action makes the hair soft, shiny and manageable.



After the treatment of coloring, bleaching, perm or other treatments that are particularly risky for the health of the hair, apply the necessary amount, depending on the type of hair and quantity, evenly and leave for 1 or 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.



After the treatment the use of BALANCER pH 2.5 will make the hair soft, shiny and manageable, also increasing the duration of the color.


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