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Daily Hair Care

Soins capillaires quotidiens

Découvrez la sélection de produits pour le soin quotidien de vos cheveux.

Shampoo Anti Hair Loss - Root Boost - 300 ML

is specifically developed to prevent hair loss. It is enriched with vitamins and amino acid complex.

Shampooing Anti Chute - Root Boost - 300 ML

CHF. 12.50
Code Zero Relax Conditioner - 300 ML

Conditions and hydrates dull and chemically treated hair is a gentle and moisturizing balm enriched with natural elements

après-shampooing - Relaxx - 300 ML

CHF. 11.50
Oily Hair Shampoo - 300 ml - Code Zero Hair

Shift oil fights oily hair and scalp directly at the source, acting directly on the sebaceous cells that produce oil. It is a professional product.

Shampooing pour cheveux gras – Shift Oil – 300 ML

CHF. 10.00
Restructuring Shampoo - Rebuild - 300 ML

Intense Shampoo Sample For Colored Hair. For those with colored or permed, damaged, dull and dry hair.

Shampoing Restructurant - Rebuild - 300 ML

CHF. 12.50
Anti Dandruff Shampoo - Deflake - 300 ML

A treatment shampoo that effectively fights dandruff and helps prevent it from recurring

Shampoing Antipelliculaire - Deflake - 300 ML

CHF. 10.00

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