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Entdecken Sie die Auswahl an Accessoires, Bekleidung, Einwegprodukten, Möbeln, Arbeitsutensilien und Produkten für Marketing und Einrichtung.

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Disposable Cape Nika Hair Beauty

These capes protect customers during cutting to prevent hair from falling on their clothes and during techniques (coloring, bleaching, permanent, smoothing)

Einwegumhang - 25 Stk

CHF. 15.00
Application Brush Nika Hair Beauty

Hairdressing brush. If you need to pass a product in a homogeneous and professional way, non-slip and ergonomic handle and comfortable to use.

Applikationsbürste Nika Hair Beauty

CHF. 2.00
Resale Bag Black Nika Hair Beauty

It allows the right balance between professionalism and customer care. Ideal for the sale of Nika Home Care products.

Nika Wiederverkaufstasche

CHF. 1.00
Neck Cover Black for Hairdressers

If you want to work protecting the customer from the hairs that penetrate the clothes from the neck.

Nackenschutz Schwarz

CHF. 6.50
Nika Hair Beauty - Big Comfort Comb

Wide Comb. If you need a comb to get rid of knots in your hair without breaking your hair and easy to handle.

Großer Komfortkamm

CHF. 6.00
Bowl Black for Hair Products - Nika Hair

If you need to mix products that are for coloring or other treatments, you need a professional and ergonomic bowl with a studied handle and easy to clean.

Schüssel Schwarz für Haarprodukte - Nika Hair

CHF. 4.00
Turban for Nika Hair Care Range

If you need an easy-to-use solution, to put your clients in pose during a hair treatment, and that raises the temperature and keeps it constant.

Nik Turban

CHF. 15.00
Whisk Hair Color - Code Zero Hair

Hair Products Mixer. If you need to mix color with oxidizer or other hair care products you need this blender.

Haarfarbe verquirlen

CHF. 2.00
T-Shirt Nika Hair Beauty Excellence

Good quality cotton t-shirt, not wide round neck with small NIKA logo on the front and large on the back.

T-Shirt Nika Hair Beauty Exzellenz

CHF. 25.00
Nika Miracle exhibitor deluxe green

Elegant display for Miracle. Allows you to exhibit 1 MIRACLE. Product not included.

Nika Miracle Aussteller

CHF. 50.00
Application Brush Code Zero Hair

Hairdressing brush. If you need to pass a product in a homogeneous and professional way, non-slip and ergonomic handle and comfortable to use.

Auftragungspinsel Code Zero Hair

CHF. 2.00
Nika Ionic Curve Styler professional easy-glide

Distributes heat evenly, smoothes the cuticle and enhances shine. Positive ions reduce static electricity in the hair, making it softer and shinier.

Nika Ionic Curve Styler

CHF. 190.00CHF. 99.50
Fine Toothed Comb - Nika Hair Beauty

Half Narrow and Half Medium Comb. If you want to comb thin and medium hair, if you need to separate the hair during a treatment or a cut.

Nika Feinzahnkamm

CHF. 6.00
Nika Reflection Hair Colors Chart

REFLECTION by NIKA color chart to offer professional coloring of new technology with all its nuances. It will allow you to have an overview of the color result.


CHF. 97.00CHF. 15.00
Nika Hair Liquid Pigments Chart

Perfect for showing customers the different shades. NIKA color chart to offer professional coloring. It will allow you to have an overview of the color result.

Farbkarte für flüssige Pigmente

CHF. 11.00
Exhibitor for the Nika Age Restore range

Exhibitor for the Nika Age Restore range. Durable plasticized cardboard material. Quick and easy assembly.

Nika Age-Restore-Aussteller

CHF. 45.00
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