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AGE RESTORE, luxury timeless hair care.

What is the secret to youthful-looking hair that defies the passage of time? HYDRATION. This is the magical need that inspired Nika Hair Beauty Excellence to create its Age Restore product range, enriched with Reborn Complex: HYALURONIC ACID AND DIAMOND DUST.


For wonderful long-lasting results, a home hair beauty routine is essential to support the in-salon treatments. Recommended products include the superb HYALU. The formula, complete with Reborn Complex, is the same as that of AGE RESTORE RADIANCE but comes in a ready-to-use
serum form in a practical and elegant bottle. Hyaluronic Acid works alongside Diamond Dust to produce strong hydration. Hair regains brilliance and youthfulness, as well as elasticity and shine.


Mainly recommended products for the following hair types:
Dry and dehydrated, dull, messy hair.


We have selected for you the products necessary for hairdressers for the correct hydration of the hair: